Lethal Weapon, Season 3

Lethal Weapon, Season 3

Lethal Weapon

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-09-25
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 29.99


Entering its third season, LETHAL WEAPON combines action and drama with friendship and humor as it follows Detective Roger Murtaugh (Damon Wayans) and the squad – Captain Avery (Kevin Rahm), Scorsese (Johnathan Fernandez) and Detective Sonya Bailey (Michele Mitchenor) – working a crime-ridden beat in modern-day Los Angeles. Season three introduces Detective Wesley Cole (Seann William Scott), a former international CIA operative who’s been everywhere and seen everything. Now, he finds himself navigating a new partnership with Murtaugh as he adjusts to his new life in LA.


Title Time Price
1 In the Same Boat 43:54 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Need to Know 43:45 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 A Whole Lotto Trouble 43:47 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes



  • I like the new guy

    By Initially Skeptical
    Riggs and the ever-suicidal-wounded-warrior act was getting old fast. It works in a 90-movie, but for 22 episodes each year? Nope. Two years was more than enough. Riggs, as a normal person simply would not have worked. He either needed to go back to Texas or finally succeed in dying. Glad Cole, came on brought new life to the series. I love it!

    By MAIOUI2000
    I loved this new season episode. I think both of them will be fine. Lots of action and some humor... Gotta give them some time to get their team chemistry established. They'll do fine. I'm sticking with the show!! LOVE IT!
  • Still a blast!

    By Lucky Ladybug :)
    Lethal Weapon still delivers action and humour. I did like Riggs, but he wasn't a good role model and Cole makes a good upgrade. I'm going to keep on watching, I'm intrigued to see what happens!
  • Not the same....

    By EtienneAs
    It’s just not the same without Riggs, watched two episodes and I’m done with this show.
  • Awful!

    By tulipgardens
    Terrible, corny, and dull compared to the first two seasons. Cole and Murtaugh lack chemistry. Another good show, ruined.
  • It seems to have lost its heart

    By Annabelle M
    There’s something wrong with the CGI, first of all, as there is a lot of haloing and tell-tale ghosting around the actors, especially the truck stunt. More than that, it’s as though this is a new reboot which seems to be undoing all the previous two seasons. For example, when an officer is shot, the hospital is swarming with LEOs, as its a Man Down thing. There was none of that. There was no funeral, no closure for the characters who were moving to Texas with him, and no real indication of respect for the Riggs character who was a pivotal part in the previous two seasons. It truly felt like a rebooted reboot. And then we have the CIA new person, who is remarkably chipper for someone whose job it is to hunt and kill terrorists in defense of this nation. The “take the shirt off” and “on fire” quips didn’t feel like they were part of the same character bio. It was as though he was playing two totally separate people. His hand-to-hand combat is compelling viewing and definitely makes you think he’s special forces or something, but then the juvenile humor goes against that to the point it is jarring and unpleasant. It’s a shame that they seem to be rebooting their reboot because the first season was gripping and devastating as we watched Riggs navigate LAPD and his family, both the one he lost and the one who embraced him through his partner Murtaugh. This definitely feels like a comedy cop show now, with shallow character development, and inconsistency both in the CGI and in the characters themselves. Disappointing.
  • Over in a month

    By Albion987
    The best movie-tv franchise ever ruined by one man getting his coming star fired from jealously.should have ended it after series 2 it’s a joke right now No Lethal without clayne ! F u Damon
  • Love this show...

    By VV1326
    I know it will be ok....
  • Damage has been done

    By Fletch F. Fletch
    An olive branch could have been extended to the fans of Riggs as a character, Clayne Crawford, and the series for the first two seasons, by at least allowing the character of Riggs to survive. They didn’t have to just kill him off. They chose to appease one star of the show and assumed it would also just be fine with the fans to simply cut one actor out and throw in a new character. At this point it doesn’t matter what they do right with the series from here on out. The damage has been done.
  • M

    By bcmonsta