The Death of Stalin

The Death of Stalin

By Armando Iannucci

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2018-03-09
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 46min
  • Director: Armando Iannucci
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99


Proclaimed “the funniest political comedy of the year” (The Daily Beast), The Death of Stalin delivers a brutally executed parody of Cold War Russia. When the tyrannical ruler Stalin dies, his hapless inner circle scrambles to come up with the next evolution of the revolution – but it’s clear everyone is really out for themselves.  Written and directed by Emmy® Award winning and Oscar® nominated Armando Iannucci, Rolling Stone calls the film a “brilliant satire from a crack ensemble” (including Emmy® and Golden Globe® winner Steve Buscemi, Simon Russell Beale, Andrea Riseborough and Michael Palin). Proof that comedy, like politics, is all in the execution.



  • Surprisingly bad

    By HaroldAN
    Even for 99 cents to rent this movie, I felt ripped off. There is literally not one funny moment in the entire film. It seemed to me to be like a bunch of high-school students trying to make a film, except in this one, they decided to splice together the parts of the film where the high-schoolers were just walking around between takes. How any movie critic could like this film is beyond me.
  • Not Funny

    By ATMMD
  • Brilliant, and dark

    By BLatherPup
    Brilliantly executed film about an absurd time in human history. It is a comedy- a very dark comedy. If you enjoy Brazil, you will enjoy The Death of Stalin — even more so because the latter is (more or less) based on actual historical events. Admittedly, there had been some amplification and embellishments, all in the service of a tight film. But hey, it’s just a movie after all. And a ripping good one at that.
  • Fantastic!

    By Rowan V Miller
    Really funny, however I assume it is highly inaccurate(it is a comedy). I’ll admit the characters took a while to manifest, but the movie as a whole is really funny. Definitely worth your time.
  • Must see

    By RayMacD
    An inspired and darkly humorous historical farce that is truer to Stalin's Russia that mere facts can convey.
  • A Black Comedy, Too Black

    By Kondeki
    This film is very strange, like it can’t decide between being a drama or a black comedy. There are comedic elements in the film, but you must understand that it is a very dark kind of comedy. It won’t have you rolling on the floor laughing, but it can amuse... Sometimes. For me, I found the film to be more informative than funny. That is primarily due to the comedic elements, or the lack thereof. Not everything portrayed is exactly as it happened, because artistic license was needed for some of the comedic elements. Some of these moments could have been funny, if the audience was properly primed. The film also fails to explain a few thing, such as what happened to Svetlana, Stalin’s daughter - for anyone wondering, she fled to America. The film also fails to explain some of the characters’ motives. For instance, there is a scene during the funeral procession where Stalin’s staff and “friends” are all standing beside his body. Khrushchev wants to switch places with Melenkov... But why? It appears he wants to be able to talk with the head of the NKVD Beria, but the film also alludes to Khrushchev’s desire to succeed Stalin. It is never explained why he wants to switch spots with Melenkov, and it only creates an awkward situation. Not just for the characters, but for the audience as well. This is probably what the writers had intended, but it was poorly executed, as no one can understand Khrushchev’s motives. Something else that is a bit of a disappointment to me, are the accents. No one has a Slavic accent, everyone has an American or British accent instead. This seems to be a bit of lazy directing to me, as almost every Hollywood film does it. A movie about Romans? Give them British accents. A film that has some Middle-Eastern people in it? British accents. It’s just lazy in my opinion, though the American accents don’t bother me as much as the British accents. There also seems to be a lack of external/internal dialogue. Nobody makes any comments, or voices their criticisms even though it’s clear they do have them. Not even the Russian citizenry speak, or crack jokes. Which is another area in which this film fails at comedy. We need to be able to hear everyone’s opinions OUT LOUD, because none of them would ever actually dare such a feat in the real world. Unfortunately, everyone acts as they would have in real life. All this having been said, the film really isn’t that bad. It’s alright, it’ll entertain but won’t make you bust a gut. Others have said the film belittles those who died under Communism’s terrible rule, citing scenes with too much violence in them. And I honestly don’t know if I can agree or disagree. Some of the violence is clearly apart of its black comedy elements, but then others seem to be an illustration of the brutality of Communist Russia. Again, the film is a black comedy, it’s not for everyone. I think it might be worth a rental, but ownership depends on your taste in films.
  • Yawn... boring...

    By SendingOutAnSOS
    I had the best night of sleep after watching 30 minutes of this boring film. Now I know why it was on sale on iTunes.
  • UcanEATthePnuts

    By sMiLeKi77
    Wait till it hits the 99¢ bin
  • Tasteless

    By mucguy
    Millions of innocent people died under the communist regime and Hollywood has nothing better to do than to drag those deaths into the mud. Tasteless
  • It’s a dud!

    By nackahero
    During the movie I kept searching for my funny bone. Sorry but it’s a one star from me.