The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water

By Guillermo del Toro

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2017-12-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 3min
  • Director: Guillermo del Toro
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99


From master storyteller, Guillermo del Toro, comes THE SHAPE OF WATER - an other-worldly fairy tale, set against the backdrop of Cold War era America circa 1962. In the hidden high-security government laboratory where she works, lonely Elisa (Sally Hawkins) is trapped in a life of silence and isolation. Elisa’s life is changed forever when she and co-worker Zelda (Octavia Spencer) discover a secret classified experiment. Rounding out the cast are Michael Shannon, Richard Jenkins, Michael Stuhlbarg and Doug Jones.



  • The shape of indifferent...

    By Bebop not pop
    Pan's Labyrinth was great as it was filmed ouside of Hollywood propaganda. The Shape of Water is unsurprising and quite boring. Yes it is beautifully filmed but with all of these monsters coming out of Hollywood in recent years this is just as unimaginative...
  • Watch “Splash” instead

    By Gia'sMOM
    The violence in this movie was very upsetting and the story was a mirror of “Splash”, except that “Splash” was lovely and funny. I can’t believe all the hoopla over TSoW when the similarities were so glaring. Do we have that few examples of good movies that we celebrate basic plagiarism?
  • High Expectations

    By Jerome Garot
    After amazing reviews and numerous recommendations, I decided to watch it on the plane. After watching 20 minutes of this movie I slept 9.5 hours straight to my destination. That's how boring this movie was to me.
  • Amazing

    By Wasp -3-
    A masterpiece. I loved it.
  • The Shape of Water

    By Lightkeeper35
    A magnificent piece of cinema. A beautiful film. Well done!
  • It is good, but mislabed..should be NC17

    By Boogiedowngirl
    It's beautifully written, a bit too long ...except, I would've liked knowing there's masturbating, nudity, etc...before watching.
  • The Shape of Water

    By Wilmofree
    What a deal for $2.99 and an Oscar winner to boot. Didn’t know what to expect but my wife and I were thoroughly pleased with the movie. With the exception of some violence it was one of the best movies we have viewed lately. Highly recommend the film.
  • Ehhhh fish sex

    By Sierra N S
    This story was interresting the visuals were cool. But the lady masterbates on screen and has sex with the fish man! Why did this get an award?
  • A love story, a fairy tale, a thriller, and a re-watcher.

    By Fnord
    I missed this in theaters completely and the buzz and awards left me feeling it was something worth watching, but what *I* consider a memorable movie isn’t always what cinematic critics would consider noteworthy, so I did not have wild expectations. I was wrong. This is a beautiful movie. I’ve watched it with my (adult) children and with older relatives. Not a one of them was able to resist the urge to talk about the movie for an hour after finishing it. Yes, the antagonist is cast right out of Villian Central, but he’s just there to create a threat and an obstacle. (Which is a little bit of a shame because he is such a talented actor) This is really pretty far off the beaten path for me, but this is one case where I’m glad all the Oscars gave me enough of a nudge to watch a story that is beautiful, thrilling, and just a bit heart-wrenching.
  • bad

    By stick111222
    Niice thought presented in a very bad way.